August 8 Events

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August 8th, 2007 (August 08 2007)EventAn EF2 tornado touches down in Kings County and Richmond County, New York, the most powerful tornado in New York to date and the first in Brooklyn since 1889.
August 8th, 2000 (August 08 2000)EventConfederate submarine H.L. Hunley is raised to the surface after 136 years on the ocean floor.
August 8th, 1991 (August 08 1991)EventCollapse of Warsaw radio mast, at one time the tallest construction ever built
August 8th, 1991 (August 08 1991)EventJohn McCarthy, British Journalist held hostage in Lebanon for more than five years by Islamic Jihad, is released.John Held Quotes
August 8th, 1990 (August 08 1990)EventIraq occupies Kuwait and the state is annexed to Iraq. This would lead to the Gulf War shortly afterward.
August 8th, 1989 (August 08 1989)EventSpace Shuttle program: STS-28 MissionSpace Shuttle Columbia takes off on a secret five-day military mission.
August 8th, 1988 (August 08 1988)EventThe "8888 Uprising" occurs in Burma.
August 8th, 1988 (August 08 1988)EventThe lights are turned on at Wrigley Field for the first time, making it the last major league stadium to host night games. (The game, against the Philadelphia Phillies, is rained out after three-and-a-half innings.)
August 8th, 1986 (August 08 1986)EventAltaf Hussain s address at Nishtar Park Karachi, announcement of establishing political movement MQM.
August 8th, 1980 (August 08 1980)EventThe Central Hotel Fire, Bundoran occurred in Ireland.
August 8th, 1974 (August 08 1974)EventWatergate scandal: U.S. President Richard Nixon announces his resignation, effective the next day.
August 8th, 1973 (August 08 1973)EventU.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew goes on television to denounce accusations he had taken kickbacks while governor of Maryland.Spiro Agnew Quotes
August 8th, 1973 (August 08 1973)EventKim Dae-Jung, a South Korean politician and later president of South Korea, is kidnapped.
August 8th, 1968 (August 08 1968)EventJuro Wada successfully performs Japan s first heart transplant.
August 8th, 1967 (August 08 1967)EventThe Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is founded.
August 8th, 1963 (August 08 1963)EventGreat Train Robbery: In England, a gang of 15 train robbers steal 2.6 million pounds in bank notes.
August 8th, 1960 (August 08 1960)EventSouth Kasai secedes from the Congo.
August 8th, 1949 (August 08 1949)EventBhutan becomes independent.
August 8th, 1947 (August 08 1947)EventPakistan s National Flag is approved.
August 8th, 1946 (August 08 1946)EventFirst flight of the Convair B-36.
August 8th, 1945 (August 08 1945)EventWorld WarThe Soviet Union declares war on Japan and invades Manchuria.
August 8th, 1945 (August 08 1945)EventThe United Nations Charter is signed by the United States, which becomes the third nation to join.
August 8th, 1942 (August 08 1942)EventWorld War II: In Washington, DC, six German would-be saboteurs are executed.
August 8th, 1942 (August 08 1942)EventQuit India resolution was passed by the Bombay session of the AICC, which leads to the start of a civil disobedience movement across India
August 8th, 1940 (August 08 1940)Event"Aufbau Ost" directive was signed by Wilhelm Keitel.Wilhelm Keitel Quotes
August 8th, 1938 (August 08 1938)EventThe building of Mauthausen concentration camp begins.
August 8th, 1931 (August 08 1931)EventWorkers go on strike at the Hoover dam
August 8th, 1929 (August 08 1929)EventThe German airship Graf Zeppelin begins a round-the-world flight.
August 8th, 1918 (August 08 1918)EventWorld War I: Battle of Amiens begins a string of almost continuous victories with a push through the German front lines.
August 8th, 1911 (August 08 1911)EventThe millionth patent is filed in the United States Patent Office by Francis Holton for a tubeless vehicle tire.
August 8th, 1911 (August 08 1911)EventPublic Law 62-5 sets the number of representatives in the United States House of Representatives at 435. The law would come into effect in 1913.
August 8th, 1910 (August 08 1910)EventThe US Army installs the first tricycle landing gear on the Army s Wright Flyer.
August 8th, 1908 (August 08 1908)EventWilbur Wright makes his first flight at a racecourse at Le Mans, France. It s the Wright Brothers first public flight and the French public goes wild.Wilbur Wright Quotes
August 8th, 1876 (August 08 1876)EventThomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph.
August 8th, 1870 (August 08 1870)EventThe Republic of Ploiesti, a failed Radical-Liberal rising against Domnitor Carol of Romania.
August 8th, 1863 (August 08 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Following his defeat in the Battle of Gettysburg, General Robert E. Lee sends a letter of resignation to Confederate President Jefferson Davis (which is refused upon receipt).
August 8th, 1863 (August 08 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Tennessee s "military" Gov. Andrew Johnson freed his personal slaves. During the early 20th century, the day was celebrated by blacks in Tennessee as a holiday.Andrew Johnson Quotes
August 8th, 1844 (August 08 1844)EventThe Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, headed by Brigham Young, is reaffirmed as the leading body of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS or Mormon Church). Jesus Christ Quotes
August 8th, 1839 (August 08 1839)EventBeta Theta Pi is founded in Oxford, Ohio.
August 8th, 1810 (August 08 1810)EventEminent Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib married Maaroof, daughter of Nawab Ilahi Baksh, and moved to Delhi.
August 8th, 1794 (August 08 1794)EventJoseph Whidbey and George Vancouver lead an expedition to search for the Northwest Passage near Juneau, Alaska.
August 8th, 1793 (August 08 1793)EventThe insurrection of Lyon occurred during the French Revolution.
August 8th, 1786 (August 08 1786)EventMont Blanc on the French- Italian border is climbed for the first time by Jacques Balmat and Dr Michel-Gabriel Paccard.
August 8th, 1647 (August 08 1647)EventThe Irish Confederate Wars and Wars of the Three Kingdoms: Battle of Dungans HillEnglish Parliamentary forces defeat Irish forces.
August 8th, 1605 (August 08 1605)EventThe city of Oulu, Finland, is founded by Charles IX of Sweden.
August 8th, 1588 (August 08 1588)EventAnglo-Spanish War: Battle of GravelinesThe naval engagement ends, thus ending the Spanish Armada s attempt to invade England.
August 8th, 1585 (August 08 1585)EventJohn Davis enters Cumberland Sound in quest for the Northwest Passage.
August 8th, 1576 (August 08 1576)EventThe cornerstone for Tycho Brahe s Uraniborg observatory is laid on Hven.
August 8th, 1509 (August 08 1509)EventThe Emperor Krishnadeva Raya is crowned, marking the beginning of the regeneration of the Vijayanagara Empire.Gene Ray Quotes
August 8th, 1220 (August 08 1220)EventSweden was defeated by Estonian tribes in the Battle of Lihula.

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